Photography by Johnny Navarro


Black boy with police car

This was submitted for The Darkroom Lab's B&W Photo Contest.


Seconds passed between the moment the subject caught my attention and the moment I clicked the shutter. I felt the weight of the moment in every stride I took towards him. A young black boy playing with a toy police car in the window of this Brooklyn bound D train rushed me with conflicting emotion. 

First sadness, because in 10 years he could easily be Tamir, or Trayvon, or countless others. 

At the same time, the juxtaposition of the small boy towering over the car made me sure that black boys will continue to be resilient, continue to overcome, will continue into the future. 

This photo was taken on the Brooklyn bound D Train in NYC. 

📷 Nikon S3
🎞 HP 5

Self Developed

Analog, SpecialJohnny Navarro